LOCATION: There isabout 50 KM from the city, Thiruvananthapuram

HOW TO GET THERE:By bus onecan reach Palode, which is about 35 km from the city. Being near to the road, the waterfall is easily accessible.

ENTRY FEE:Rupees 20 per head have to pay

TIME:10 am to 6 pm

Kalakkayam waterfall located in the forests near Idinjaar in Thiruvananthapuram district and also known as Idinjar falls.From Palode take a deviation to reach Peringamala. Take a right turn from Peringamala to reach Kurisadi via Idinjaar, 12 km away. Since there are no signboards leading to the falls, from Kurisadi, one may seek local assistance to reach the spot of the waterfalls. The waterfall is part of the Mankayam stream that originates in the Agasthyavanam forest. A pool formed at the base of the waterfall is indeed worth a dip and the cool water simply enlivens your body and visitors are not allowed to go near it; because the rocks are very tricky.

            Trekking of all types such as soft, medium and adventure trekking are possible. Some of the trekking packages are Interior Area Treks which is a half day trek in which the tourist can view the Ayampara Waterfalls. Next is the adventure trekking which is one day trek through the valleys, grasslands and forests. There will be a guide to guide the tourist.

TIPS AND GUIDANCE: Trekking in the forest area surrounding the waterfall is a must thing to do. Apart from it, the site is ideal as a picnic destination as well.Make a visit in the Monsoon period; then there will be plenty of water.

NEAR BY: You cannot expect full lunch restaurants here. But there are small tea shops where you can get tea coffee and some snacks. Brimore estate is situated in 2.5 km distance from this waterfall.