Location : Overlooking the Agra Fort, the mosque is easily accessible by road. The mosque is located 7 km away from the airport. There are buses available from Agra Fort or Idgah Bus stand

It is situated in front of Agra Fort Railway station.It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as per his dear daughter Jahan Ars Begum,s wish, and took a period of 5 years in construction and was completed in 1649 A.D. It is based on platfrom of 11 feet high. It has got three gates and three compartments, each surmounted by a dome built of white and red sand stone in a Zigzag style. In the courtyard of the Mosque, there is tank in its centre for the abultions of the ‘Namazees’ or the worshipers. The mosque has fine archways in its front. There are some rooms on both the sides having curtains, eant for the Royal Ladies.

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