Located : approximately 19 km away from Patnitop

Paragliding charges: INR 1600

 Sanasar is a small hill resort with a cup shaped meadow, enveloped by gigantic conifers. A site for a quiet holiday, it has now been rapidly developed into a famous spot for playing golf. The place itself is one of the ideal locations for paragliding and is ardently promoted by the Tourism Department who also furnishes the equipment for the same. The most ideal time for paragliding in Sanasar spans from May to June and then from September to October when the weather is most suitable for the activity.

Surrounded by picturesque views, flying over lush greenery in between the sound of chirping of birds in a cool and salubrious ambience is an experience to cherish. In addition to paragliding, one can also enjoy a visit to the famous temples of Naag Mandir and Shank Pal Temple or enjoy the various other adventurous activities like trekking, rock climbing and abseiling etc.